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Frequently Asked Questions

Other questions?

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How is the Gateway unique?

The Gateway is the first solution to streamline contract service relationships by connecting study sponsors with a community of high quality service providers and providing a platform to accelerate the sourcing, diligence, and project scoping process.

Our combination of MassBio members and the MA CRO/CMO Initiative ensures access to a complete continuum of services – from discovery through commercialization – unmatched by any other region or association. And the OnDeck platform that powers the Gateway combines features found nowhere else – allowing organizations to maintain a profile in real-time, execute confidentiality agreements, and have the discussions required to scope projects.


Who should use the Gateway?

Any organization developing biotech or pharma products and and any organization providing services in the contract research and contract manufacturing space. Relevant service providers include all aspects of manufacturing, lab services, clinical testing, etc.

The Gateway ensures that all of these organizations have direct, hassle-free access to the resources required to accelerate their business.


Who will see the information I share via the Gateway? How can I protect my confidentiality?

Confidentiality and data security are our top priorities. You maintain complete control of all your information; only organizations of your selection will have access to your data and you may elect to remain anonymous for certain communication. The OnDeckBiotech platform that powers the Gateway is user-friendly and helpful guides are provided throughout the network to ensure that you can make the decisions appropriate for your organization.

All information shared through the Gateway is subject to the OnDeck terms of service (including confidentiality statement). The Gateway does provide resources to allow members to execute direct confidential disclosure agreements (CDAs) as part of any communication.

We have also taken steps to prevent unauthorized access to your data (see below).


Is it safe to use the Gateway? What steps do you take to prevent unauthorized access?

Confidentiality and data security are our top priorities. From the moment you arrive at our homepage, all information transferred between your computer and our servers is protected using SSL encryption. Our servers are located in state of the art access-controlled facilities and all data is encrypted and stored behind firewalls.

Access to your information remains under your control at all times.

Contact Us with any questions.


How much does it cost to use the Gateway? Are there any hidden fees?

There is absolutely no cost to use the Gateway to find, evaluate, or partner with service providers. Service provider companies can maintain a complete company profile, including an overview of services, background documents such as brochures and facilities tours, introductions to key personnel (with LinkedIn profiles), and client testimonials at absolutely no cost. For service providers who do establish new business with new clients, a transaction fee does normally apply (calculated as 2-4% of payments received). MassBio members receive significant discounts and waivers to these fees.

For more details, please see our Terms of Service.


I just logged in and I’m having trouble finding the services that we require. What next?

Please Contact Us – we have a team of Dedicated Advisors whose sole mission is to ensure you can quickly and easily connect with the resources you require through the platform. We can typically connect you with appropriate resources within 3-5 business days, and at no cost.


I’m completing a profile and don’t see services that we’d like to list. What next?

Our list of services continues to grow evolve with our membership, so we are happy to make additions. Please Contact Us – we can typically add services to our directory within 24 hours.


How do I create a profile for my organization?

Gateway profiles are straightforward to configure – it takes about the same amount of time as creating a LinkedIn profile. You can get started here or, if you already have a profile, log-in and click “My Account” in the upper right corner of the welcome screen. Our team is standing by to assist you in the process, so don’t hesitate to Contact Us.


How does company information stay up-to-date?

Each company controls the information included on their profile. Simply log-in in to your profile and navigate to “My Account”. Changes will be reflected in the directory immediately to ensure that your profile is never out of date.


How does my organization get recognized in the Gateway as a member of MassBio?

MassBio members, as well as members of the MA CRO/CMO Initiative, are recognized with a visual tag indicating their status to help other members quickly identify their peers. These tags also allow searches to prioritize and be limited to such members. We typically have the tag applied within a day or two of your profile creation. Please Contact Us or request the tag through “My Account” if it has not been applied in that timeframe


What if my organization is not a member of MassBio?

The Gateway was developed and launched as part of a partnership between MassBio and OnDeckBiotech. Accordingly, MassBio members automatically receive certain privileges through the platform not available to non-members – including discounts and expanded access to OnDeckBiotech’s Dedicated Advisors. Organizations that are not members of MassBio can create a profile (at no cost) and participate in the Gateway community – but do not receive access to these discounts or the other programming offered through MassBio.


What is OnDeckBiotech?

Boston-based OnDeckBiotech combines a unique online platform with a community of world-class contract service providers and sponsors to streamline the market for outsourced R&D services. Launched in 2011, OnDeck’s membership numbers in the hundreds of companies. Our mission is to ensure that administrative headaches never stand in the way of R&D.


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